Fortunate – Andrew JH Sharp


Andrew JH Sharp


Fortunate brings adventure, intrigue and love to life. It is a story following a locum GP who is stuck in her current life, not knowing what her future brings. The description of Beth’s thoughts is excellent, making the reader want to know more. The storyline allows the reader to follow the adventure to Zimbabwe, away from her current life as a locum GP with a family life, of which in her opinion, fate has given her little hope.  The idea of running away to get away from it all brings danger tied within a deed of land.

The book is well written and has a lot packed into it, however the continuous introduction of new characters took me away from the plot more than I would have liked and sometimes became a distraction from the main storyline. However, this is not a reason to not give this book a read. It is not a simple read to keep up with, but I did enjoy the book. The more I read, the more I didn’t want to put it down.

Many thanks to Matador for letting me review this book.


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