Kindle vs. Book debate

I was talking with some friends recently and we entered into a the debate of kindle vs. books.
The great debate of the reader’s world!!
I was determined not to buy a kindle. I’m an old fashioned girl who loves to smell a new book. The feel of picking a new book from a shelf in a book shop was a joy for me as a child. I was the kid who read 3 books at the same time. Hiding under the duvet with a torch. Also as I have grown up my book shelf is full of memories, from Famous Five to Marian Keynes to my Law text books from university. The book shelf is like a painting on the wall in your house. It’s shows what you love to enjoy.
Then I started going to a book club and I was shown a kindle. I first said no I didn’t want one, but after a quick demonstration I was hooked. That Christmas my lovely husband bought me my kindle (and promptly said about 2 weeks later he wished he hadn’t!) and I was addicted!
But recently it was made me think. Have I contributed to the small book shops closing down in favour of downloading e books? I would love to open a book shop but with the ease of downloading a book from your tablet on the sofa with a cup of tea, it just doesn’t make economical sense these days. It is such a shame. Then there are the libraries! One of my best friends is a very talented librarian and will the day come when we don’t need libraries anymore due to e books? The government is already cutting funds to such a great service, will the future of e books take away our libraries? It’s worrying for local services and jobs.
It’s a great debate. Do we look to the future with e books, or try to hold onto tradition with a good paperback?
What do you think?

One thought on “Kindle vs. Book debate

  1. It’s a tough call. I only bought a Kindle because I thought I was missing out on getting free books (either from Netgalley, blog book tours or freebies on Amazon). But I still love a paperback! And…in the last few weeks I’ve started using my library a lot more – it’s actually in my street so it’s a waste not too 🙂

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