New House, New Bookshelf

I have not had much time for reading recently as I have just bought my very first house. Moving in all our stuff has been crazy but well worth the back ache.
I have a new bookshelf!! You know what they say; new house new …… Bookshelf.
The Husband has said I am only allowed to have the one bookshelf and once it is full I am only allowed to buy more books if I get rid of the old ones. The local charity shops are going to love me!
I have lots of book reviews in the pipe line and lots of books to read. Plus I have to choose our book club’s next book for discussion and given how my last choice when down with the group, anything I choose will be ok!
Keep posted for more reviews coming soon.

Keep Calm and Carry on Dating – Jane Austin


Keep calm and carry on dating
Jane Austin

With Internet dating becoming more and more popular, cJane Austin reveals the real life stories of those who have secured a date in this way.
Jane tells the stories of those who have sampled the world of Online dating and every story is different! I definitely enjoyed this book. Whether the story was comical or sad, Jane retells the story, warts and all.
This is a great quick read. It’s for those who do not want to read a long book and who don’t want to be tied down to one long story. I particularly enjoyed the book for this reason when I am going through a lot at work. It’s also gives great advice for those who are thinking about sampling a bit of online dating! Congratulations on a great book Jane.