The Shadow Year – Hannah Richell

The Shadow Year
Hannah Richell
Orion fiction

WOW! What a book!! I will be honest I am your typical “chic lit” reader but I am so glad I read this book!

The Shadow Year begins in the 1980s. Five friends find themselves settling into an abandoned cottage. The idea of living a simple life in the middle of the countryside, living from the land, seems idyllic. But as time goes on it doesn’t go according to plan. Skipping into the future, Lila arrives at the cottage with her own burdens of life and past.
Hannah Richell cleverly combines the two stories into one. I couldn’t put it down. The well written tension combined with the emotions of both stories draw the reader right into the middle.
All I wanted to do was keep reading (which drove my poor husband mad!) I honestly couldn’t put it down as I wanted to know how the stories were connected. I constantly asked the question why as I got deeper and deeper into the book. I won’t give the ending away but the story was concluded answering all my questions.
For someone who normally reads books with a romantic twinge it was so refreshing to read a new genre of book that is so well written. It has encouraged me try new books I wouldn’t normally pick off the shelf.
I am a member of a book club and I have made this book our next months read as I loved it much.
Congratulations Hannah! What a great book! Everyone read this book!!
Big thanks to Weekend Reads and Orion for letting me review this book.