The Memory Box – Sarah Webb


The Memory Box
Sarah Webb

I thought this book was going to be fluffy and predictable with the main character being named Pandora and the title of the book called The Memory Box, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The story follows Pandora Schuster as she turns 30. Bringing the past to the future, dealing with being tested for the BRCA1 gene after her mother passed away after suffering from breast cancer when Pandora was a child. She also has a nine year old daughter and is agonising with the idea of Olivier, the father,being part of her daughter’a life. Then there is Declan, Pandora’s boyfriend, with his own life troubles in the mix. It’s no wonder Pandora doesn’t know which way to turn.
With so many themes in this book it would have been easy to think there is too much going on to be an easy read. I was wrong. Sarah Webb has created characters that the reader can relate to allowing the story to flow without it being complicated to read. The book is full of love for family and friends. It draws the reader in as I felt sympathy for Pandora as she tries to work everything out. I even felt sorry for poor Declan!
It is well written and I couldn’t put it down. Whilst I would class it as an easy chic lit read it is not as fluffy as a normal easy read you can pick up. I loved it! It’s a must read for those who love chic lit. Congratulations Sarah!
I cannot wait for the next book!

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