Beyond Grace’s Rainbow – Carmel Harrington


I honestly don’t know where to start!
Wow what a book!
The story is centred around Grace Devlin, a thirty something single mother to Jack. It begins with Grace finding out she has cancer and debating how to tell her close friends. Grace comes across as a very strong and loving character and I instantly warmed to her. Her love for her friends and Jack was clear to see. Her past love Liam, Jack’s father, comes back into Grace’s life which rocks her world further.
The books covers two quite sensitive issues; cancer and adoption. Both themes are dealt with in such a way that your heart strings are pulled yet with an element of humour just in the right places. There was even some mystery in the story which brought to light Grace’s history, which in some places was hard to read as it was so well written.
It wasn’t until I finished reading this book I realised this was Carmel’s debut novel. Well congratulations Carmel this is the first book I have ever read that has made me cry.
This author is one to watch out for. Writing with such emotion that you get drawn into the bitter sweet story. Carmel, let me know when your next book is published. I cannot wait to read it.

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