How to get a (love) life – Rosie Blake


How to get a (love) life
By Rosie Blake

The story is focused in Nicola Brown. Stuck in her “single” ways, due to her OCD, her life consists of nights in alone eating her evening meal from a set weekly menu.

Caroline, her office colleague, thinks Nicola needs to lighten up and set herself free by daring Nicola to find a date in time for Valentines Day which is in 3 months time.

As there is not a queue of men waiting to date Nicola, she ends up studying books on the art of dating!

Her helpful Brother Mark tried to set her up with his friends. Poor Nicola ends up on dates that she was not expecting , including a lovely date that involved kayak!

The one man who would love to date Nicola is Chris, and that is just asking for trouble as he is the top paying client of the actor agency of which Nicola works for.

This laugh out loud book was great to cheer me up during the winter blues.
I read it quickly as it was so easy to read. The story flowed at a good pace and the character were well written. It is your typical chic lit book. That’s why I loved it!

Well done Rosie! Let me know when the next book is published!

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