Gifted and Talented by Wendy Holden

Gifted and Talented by Wendy Holden

Headline Review

The burlb:

Diana is starting a new life as gardener at Branston, a challenging restoration project which allows her to indulge a love of delphiniums beneath the disconcerting gaze of dishy but remote Richard, the recently widowed College Master.

A new term brings new students, among them It Girl Amber, darling of the gossip columns and dead ringer for inclusion in the university’s notorious elite society. As lustful teenagers and crabby tutors run riot in Diana’s garden, her peaceful haven is trampled, and then a blast from the past threatens to ruin a new romance. Can anything save Diana’s hard-won happiness, let alone her herbaceous borders?

My review:

If you love chic lit, this is the book for you.
I have read some a Wendy’s previous books and this one didn’t disappoint.
The story begins with Isabel making her journey to her first day at university. She meets Olly on the way, a graduate, who is deciding what to do next with her life. Then there Diana who is the new university Gardner. Diana is a recently divorced mother who moves herself and her daughter to this new job for a new start. Richard, who is recently widowed, has become the new college Head.

The four main characters to the book are very different. It allows the reader to work how there lives are connected. Some parts are predictable, but I enjoyed this. When I picked up the book to read it felt comfortable, not too difficult or complex to read despite learning about four different characters. The smaller characters, such as Amber, does bring a laugh to the story but when you think deeper about how she latches into Isabel, it makes you feel quite sorry for her.

It is a fun and heart warming story. It shows how very different we can be as people but how similar in person we can be. I read this book in a few sittings. It is your usual chic lit book. Definitely pick it up if you want a nice simple read that will put a smile on your face.

Many thanks to headline review and bookbridgr for allowing me to review this book.