The Whitehall Mandarin – Edward Wilson


The Whitehall Mandarin

Edward Wilson

Now I will be honest. I’m normally a chic lit kind of girl, but when the lovely folks at Arcadia Books sent me this book to read and review I was excited. Time to try something new and I’m glad I did.

The story begins with British intelligence services pretending to be Americans, watching the Soviets.
Catesby, a British spy, begins the story during the Cold War London in 1957. He is sent on a mission after the Soviets spies in London stop sending intelligence to Moscow. Then into the mix is Lady Somers, the first female head of the Ministry of Defence. She brings an element of mystery to the story.

I didn’t study History at school so I learnt a lot from this book as a mixture of cameos from real historical figures mixed in the the fictional characters made me go and do my research!

This is the fourth book following the stories of Catesby. I thought picking up a book without reading the other books in the series would be difficult to follow. It wasn’t at all. The new reader is made to feel very welcome alongside those who have met Catesby before.

Edward did a great job in opening my eyes to another genre. The characters were well written and the story was easy to follow despite moving backwards and forwards to different elements of the story.

I’m going to recommend this book to be read at my book club as I can see some great discussion points.

Thank you to Arcadia Books for allowing me to read and review (and opening my eyes) another great book!

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