The Wrong Knickers – Bryony Gordon

The Wrong Knickers
A decade of chaos
Bryony Gordon


First of all the title of this book…. Love it!

On the back…
He dashes around his room letting out huffs, as if taking me back to his flat and shagging me has actually turned out to be a bit of an inconvenience.
And then he flings a pair of pink, silk knickers at me, which land on my lap, Agent Provocateur label side up, and he remarks at me, very casually, that those are pretty knickers. And it occurs to be that this is the only compliment he has paid me since he woke up, and what’s worse, it isn’t even valid; it doesn’t even belong to me. Because they are pretty, undoubtably so, these silky size 8 knickers of sex. But while they are all of these things, they are definitely not mine.

My review:

Where do I start!!!
This books is Bryony’s story of her 20’s.
When she was young she dreamt of the amazing life she is going to have in her 20’s. The dream job with a dream salary, the perfect boyfriend and a gorgeous flat to call her own. Reality is different. Very different.
This single girl in London has many stories to tell; from heartbreak, debt and STI clinics, Bryony tells all.

I wish I could write a book like this! Bryony doesn’t hold back. She tells her reality with such wit and intelligence it’s a compulsive read. I honestly couldn’t put this book down.
There are some hilarious moments in this book, but whilst I was laughing out out (by a pool in Spain) I was wincing as I felt I was there going through what she went through.
The pain of falling in love with someone who didn’t love you back, combined with drugs and alcohol, I was wondering how Bryony actually got through her 20’s!
There is one part of the book which I will not go into detail about as I don’t want to spoil the end of the book. But I just want to mention how beautifully written the final stage of the book is. From a personal point of view it made me cry. Bryony you were spot on!

For those who want an utterly brilliant, well written book that makes you laugh, think and cry, buy this book.

Thank you much to Headline for letting me review this book.

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