If I could turn back Time – Nicola Doherty

If I Could Turn Back Time
Nicola Doherty

if i could turn back time

What if you had a Second chance with your First Love?

The bit on the back
What if you found The One, then lost him again?

Or not so much lost him as became the neurotic, needy girlfriend from hell. The girl who tried to make him choose between her and his job, and got seriously paranoid about his relationship with his best female friend…

Zoe knows she doesn’t deserve another chance with David. But if there’s the tiniest possibility of making things right, she’ll snatch it. Even if it means breaking the laws of physics to do so…

My Review:
Thank you for Bookbridgr and Headline for allowing me to review this book.

What would you do if you woke up one day and you realised you have stepped back in time. Would you rectify all the mistakes you made to keep a man?

I loved the concept of this book – I could definitely see it being made into a film.
It is a true Chic lit! I loved it. I took this book on holiday to read from my sunlounger and I am so glad I did. It is a perfect holiday read.
I loved the main character, Zoe. She was well written with depth and feeling. Her previous heartbreak changed her life and now she has the opportunity to change things it was lovely to follow the ups and downs that followed.
And oh that Jenny, I did hate her. She is the David’s ( the man Zoe is trying to keep) best friend. More like stalker to be honest. The way Jenny tried to put Zoe down in every which way she could truly made me angry, and made me want Zoe to get one up on her. However going back in time is not all plain sailing. Consequences at the pub quiz nearly rumbled Zoe as well as applying for the “dream” job.

I’ll be honest I had not heard of Nicola before. I’m so glad I have been introduced to another Chic lit author that is up with the best!. I’ll be looking out for Nicola’s next book.

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