One Hundred Proposals – Holly Martin


Holly martin


One Hundred Proposals
Holly Martin

Thank you to the lovely Holly for sending me a copy of her book to read and be part of her Blog Tour.

This is a beautiful story of a gorgeous friendship between Suzie and Harry. They are best friends and proposal planners. The story starts with Harry trying to cheer Suzie up by promising her 100 different proposals, and we follow the story of how Harry proposes to Suzie constantly whilst we know that Suzie has feeling for Harry no matter how she tries to hide them from herself.
There were parts of this book that had me giggling and then sobbing my heart out. There is one part quite close to the beginning of the book that really touched me. Even when I re read parts of this book for the review I still cried. It was beautifully written. I won’t say the exact part as I don’t want to give too much away.
Holly’s style of writing is addictive. The book just flowed. Harry and Suzie were very well written. You felt each heart string pulled each time Harry proposed, and who doesn’t want to be constantly proposed to by an amazing man such as Harry. Harry is someone I would fall in love with just by the way he cares for Suzie. There are not many men in the world like this!!! ( Sorry to my Husband – but it’s true). Then there are the twists. I felt Suzie’s pain in one part of the book that I wanted to run out and find her and give her a hug, but it was of because Harry was there.
The book took the reader to different locations which were all brilliantly described. You felt like you were a fly on the wall. In this world today, everyone needs a little romance, and Holy delivers it in bag loads.
It didn’t take me long to read this book at all, and that is saying a lot as I have plenty of distractions at the moment. I honestly couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what happened next so much so my kindle ran out of battery.
If you want a great summer read that gives you romance and tears buy this book now!

If I could turn back Time – Nicola Doherty

If I Could Turn Back Time
Nicola Doherty

if i could turn back time

What if you had a Second chance with your First Love?

The bit on the back
What if you found The One, then lost him again?

Or not so much lost him as became the neurotic, needy girlfriend from hell. The girl who tried to make him choose between her and his job, and got seriously paranoid about his relationship with his best female friend…

Zoe knows she doesn’t deserve another chance with David. But if there’s the tiniest possibility of making things right, she’ll snatch it. Even if it means breaking the laws of physics to do so…

My Review:
Thank you for Bookbridgr and Headline for allowing me to review this book.

What would you do if you woke up one day and you realised you have stepped back in time. Would you rectify all the mistakes you made to keep a man?

I loved the concept of this book – I could definitely see it being made into a film.
It is a true Chic lit! I loved it. I took this book on holiday to read from my sunlounger and I am so glad I did. It is a perfect holiday read.
I loved the main character, Zoe. She was well written with depth and feeling. Her previous heartbreak changed her life and now she has the opportunity to change things it was lovely to follow the ups and downs that followed.
And oh that Jenny, I did hate her. She is the David’s ( the man Zoe is trying to keep) best friend. More like stalker to be honest. The way Jenny tried to put Zoe down in every which way she could truly made me angry, and made me want Zoe to get one up on her. However going back in time is not all plain sailing. Consequences at the pub quiz nearly rumbled Zoe as well as applying for the “dream” job.

I’ll be honest I had not heard of Nicola before. I’m so glad I have been introduced to another Chic lit author that is up with the best!. I’ll be looking out for Nicola’s next book.

The Wrong Knickers – Bryony Gordon

The Wrong Knickers
A decade of chaos
Bryony Gordon


First of all the title of this book…. Love it!

On the back…
He dashes around his room letting out huffs, as if taking me back to his flat and shagging me has actually turned out to be a bit of an inconvenience.
And then he flings a pair of pink, silk knickers at me, which land on my lap, Agent Provocateur label side up, and he remarks at me, very casually, that those are pretty knickers. And it occurs to be that this is the only compliment he has paid me since he woke up, and what’s worse, it isn’t even valid; it doesn’t even belong to me. Because they are pretty, undoubtably so, these silky size 8 knickers of sex. But while they are all of these things, they are definitely not mine.

My review:

Where do I start!!!
This books is Bryony’s story of her 20’s.
When she was young she dreamt of the amazing life she is going to have in her 20’s. The dream job with a dream salary, the perfect boyfriend and a gorgeous flat to call her own. Reality is different. Very different.
This single girl in London has many stories to tell; from heartbreak, debt and STI clinics, Bryony tells all.

I wish I could write a book like this! Bryony doesn’t hold back. She tells her reality with such wit and intelligence it’s a compulsive read. I honestly couldn’t put this book down.
There are some hilarious moments in this book, but whilst I was laughing out out (by a pool in Spain) I was wincing as I felt I was there going through what she went through.
The pain of falling in love with someone who didn’t love you back, combined with drugs and alcohol, I was wondering how Bryony actually got through her 20’s!
There is one part of the book which I will not go into detail about as I don’t want to spoil the end of the book. But I just want to mention how beautifully written the final stage of the book is. From a personal point of view it made me cry. Bryony you were spot on!

For those who want an utterly brilliant, well written book that makes you laugh, think and cry, buy this book.

Thank you much to Headline for letting me review this book.

Reviews and posts coming soon

The woes of a blogger. Having a full time job!
I have reads lots of books recently but just haven’t had time to publish my reviews on my blog. It’s so annoying!
There have been so any good books I have read recently I will be posting reviews ASAP! I have much to tell you all, I don’t want to write a quick boring review that does not give the book justice!
Apologies for the delay.
Thank you

The Piano Player’s Son – Lindsay Stanberry – Flynn

The Piano Player’s Son
Lindsay Stanberry – Flynn
Cinnamon Press


I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for this book.

I took this book on holiday with me and I am so glad I did.
This is Lyndsay’s second novel, after her debut novel – Unravelling.

This story is about a family,dealing with the consequences of bereavement. After the death of their father the mother shares a secret with her daughter Isabel, but this secret is hard to keep. The secret creates problems as the story unfolds.
The story takes place in 4 different locations which could be confusing, however the author manages the story with ease, allowing the reader to easily follow the story without taking anything away from the plot itself.
The characters of the were full of life. Complex, but simple enough for the reader to understand their thoughts and feelings. George was my favourite character, he is the quieter of the siblings. Rick was the character is disliked the most. He was written so well as he is a complex character driven by his past.
I don’t want to talk about the plot too much as I don’t want to give too much away. There are twists that I had to re read as I didn’t see them coming at all (and normally I am pretty good and predicting what would happen next in a novel).
I am going to recommend this book to my book club as I think the characters in the book would make a great discussion.
A great second novel and I would recommend as a must read!

Thank you to Silverwood Books for send me a copy to read and review.

The Whitehall Mandarin – Edward Wilson


The Whitehall Mandarin

Edward Wilson

Now I will be honest. I’m normally a chic lit kind of girl, but when the lovely folks at Arcadia Books sent me this book to read and review I was excited. Time to try something new and I’m glad I did.

The story begins with British intelligence services pretending to be Americans, watching the Soviets.
Catesby, a British spy, begins the story during the Cold War London in 1957. He is sent on a mission after the Soviets spies in London stop sending intelligence to Moscow. Then into the mix is Lady Somers, the first female head of the Ministry of Defence. She brings an element of mystery to the story.

I didn’t study History at school so I learnt a lot from this book as a mixture of cameos from real historical figures mixed in the the fictional characters made me go and do my research!

This is the fourth book following the stories of Catesby. I thought picking up a book without reading the other books in the series would be difficult to follow. It wasn’t at all. The new reader is made to feel very welcome alongside those who have met Catesby before.

Edward did a great job in opening my eyes to another genre. The characters were well written and the story was easy to follow despite moving backwards and forwards to different elements of the story.

I’m going to recommend this book to be read at my book club as I can see some great discussion points.

Thank you to Arcadia Books for allowing me to read and review (and opening my eyes) another great book!

Gifted and Talented by Wendy Holden

Gifted and Talented by Wendy Holden

Headline Review

The burlb:

Diana is starting a new life as gardener at Branston, a challenging restoration project which allows her to indulge a love of delphiniums beneath the disconcerting gaze of dishy but remote Richard, the recently widowed College Master.

A new term brings new students, among them It Girl Amber, darling of the gossip columns and dead ringer for inclusion in the university’s notorious elite society. As lustful teenagers and crabby tutors run riot in Diana’s garden, her peaceful haven is trampled, and then a blast from the past threatens to ruin a new romance. Can anything save Diana’s hard-won happiness, let alone her herbaceous borders?

My review:

If you love chic lit, this is the book for you.
I have read some a Wendy’s previous books and this one didn’t disappoint.
The story begins with Isabel making her journey to her first day at university. She meets Olly on the way, a graduate, who is deciding what to do next with her life. Then there Diana who is the new university Gardner. Diana is a recently divorced mother who moves herself and her daughter to this new job for a new start. Richard, who is recently widowed, has become the new college Head.

The four main characters to the book are very different. It allows the reader to work how there lives are connected. Some parts are predictable, but I enjoyed this. When I picked up the book to read it felt comfortable, not too difficult or complex to read despite learning about four different characters. The smaller characters, such as Amber, does bring a laugh to the story but when you think deeper about how she latches into Isabel, it makes you feel quite sorry for her.

It is a fun and heart warming story. It shows how very different we can be as people but how similar in person we can be. I read this book in a few sittings. It is your usual chic lit book. Definitely pick it up if you want a nice simple read that will put a smile on your face.

Many thanks to headline review and bookbridgr for allowing me to review this book.

Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn – Tilly Tennant

Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn

By Tilly Tennant

20140317-051948 AM.jpg

Thank you to Gosling girls book tour for allowing me to be part of this book tour.

The Blurb:

There’s only one man for Bonnie, and that’s Holden Finn.

The problem is that Holden Finn is a twenty-three-year-old pop megastar with his boy band, Every Which Way, and has no idea she exists. Not only that, but half the women in the world want to be Mrs Finn, including Bonnie’s teenage daughter, Paige. The real men in Bonnie’s life do nothing but let her down, but a man you can’t possibly have can never do that… right?

Then Paige wins a radio competition to meet Holden and the band, and Bonnie’s carefully-constructed world starts to unravel. She is about to find out that you should be very, very careful what you wish for …

My review:

What an entertaining book!!!

It’s a light-hearted story about Bonnie who is totally head over heels for pop star Holden Finn, who happens to also be her teenager’s daughters crush!

Bonnie is a hardworking mother of 15-year-old Paige and is keeping her life together after the break up with Henri with bills to pay. Paige wins a competition to meet Holden Finn, little did she know her mum was secretly eying up her  own wardrobe ready to meet Holden herself. It is such a cute story. I loved Bonnie, the way she wrote (and re wrote!) letters to Holden, the man of her dreams, showed that we all have that inner child in us! Then there is Max, poor old Max, who is totally in love with Bonnie. He was probably my favourite character.

The story brings a rollercoaster to Bonnie and the reader follows the ups and downs. I laughed out loud in places, and also felt sorry for Bonnie in parts of the book, giving the story great  light and shade. I enjoyed reading this book. I read it quite quickly as i couldn’t put it down. It’s a great romantic, feel good story.

Congratulations Tilly, I loved it! I think it should be made into a movie!

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Learning to Love – Sheryl Browne

Learning to Love

Sheryl Browne

LLM Review –


The Blurb:

Exploring the Fragility of Love, Life, and Relationships Widower, Dr David Adams, has recently moved to the village – where no one knows him, ergo there’s no fuel for neighbourhood gossip– to start afresh with is ten-year old son, if only he can get to a place where his son wants to speak to him. Angry and withdrawn, Jake blames his dad for the death of his mother, and David doesn’t know how to reach him.
Andrea Kelly has too many balls in the air. With three children and a “nuts” mother to care for, her fiancé can’t fathom why she wants to throw
something else into the mix and change her career. Surely she already has too much on her plate? Because her plates are skew-whiff and her balls are dropping off all over the place, Andrea points out. She needs to make changes. Still her fiancé, who has a hidden agenda, is dead-set against it.
When Andrea’s house burns mysteriously to the ground and Andrea and her entourage are forced to move in with the enigmatic Dr Adams, however, the village drums soon start beating, fuel aplenty when it turns out someone does know him – the woman carrying his baby.

My Review:

The story surrounds Andrea, a mother and in a relationship with Jonathan. Un ware of Jonathan’s mischievous ways Andrea is getting on with life, looking after her children, juggling a teaching career as well as looking after her elderly Mother.

One night her house burnt down, changing everything. Dr David Adams a neighbour takes the family in, offering a roof over their heads whilst everything gets sorted out.  David has his own issues with his son Jake following the death of his wife. However as Andrea’s and David’s friendship blossomed the truths come out of the woodwork.

Sheryl has done a fantastic job with this book. The main character Andrea is very well written, making the reader understand Andrea’s life struggles. At the start of the book I had an instant dislike to Jonathan, but I didn’t know why. I loved this. It made me want to read on to see what he had been up to. The father/son relationship between David and Jake was heartbreaking. I felt David’s pain. The book examines relationship, family and friends in such a realistic way. The anger as a child missing his mother and the blame on his father was extremely sad to read. However the dynamics of Andrea’s family, including Dougal the dog, little Chloe and Dee did give light humour where required throughout the book. Friendships of neighbours are examined and the reactions of a community rallying around to support the family was lovely to read, something you may not see in the large communities these days!

It’s a great easy read that I would definately recommend!

Zenith Hotel – Oscar Coop – Phane

Zenith Hotel

Oscar Coop-Phane

Arcadia Books



The Blurb:

I’m a street prostitute. Not a call girl or anything. No, a real street whore, with stiletto heels and menthol cigarettes.’ Narrator Nanou gives a detailed account of her day, from the moment she wakes up with a foul taste in her mouth, in her sordid rented room, until the minute she crawls back into her bed at night to sleep. Interwoven with her story are portraits of her clients. Oscar Coop-Phane invents an astonishing cast of original and deeply human characters – losers, defeated by the world around them – who seek solace in Nanou’s arms. Original and moving, this short book deftly paints a world of solitude and sadness, illuminated by precious moments of tenderness and acts of kindness.

My Review:

I knew I had to read this book after seeing all the “buzz” about it on twitter!

The Book is small, but I cannot say its a small story. It is a large story in 100 pages!. The story is fresh and feels so real that you are drawn into it as a reader. The Story follows Nanou, a street prostitute and the world that her life brings her. Despite it being a fictional book there is a definite element of reality as the hard life that Nanou has is really brought to life. The story isn’t written for the reader to feel sympathy for Nanou (despite that I actually did), but it makes us realise poverty that some people face that is their reality and not fiction. The loneliness and the sadness was a true element in this book, not only of Nanou herself, but also her clients.

It’s a clever book, opening the eyes of the reader. The author, Oscar, was young when he wrote this book. Such a talent to write in this way at such a young age, I can see why this book won the Prix De Flore.

A great quick read to open your eyes with. I recommend this book for someone who wants something different to read.