The year of making time – an update

We are nearly three months into 2014 and I wanted to update you all in my plan for 2014 – the year of making time!

Well, I would say my year of making time has started off very well! I have learnt to use a sewing machine. Given my family’s craft history it was bound to happen to me at some point.

I have also helped my husband paint the downstairs loo and started tackling the garden.

Other achievements include being accepted on the LLM panel for my book reviewing. When I received the email to say I was accepted I actually shouted out “yes!!!”. I was at work at the time and I did get a few strange looks but I didn’t care. Being complimented on my “blogger style” really did give me a feeling of I can actually do this and do it well.

Also being approved by bookbridr was also an exciting moment of the past 3 months. It’s a platform between publishers and bloggers which is a fantastic idea and I have loved being part of it.

My pledge for making time for myself has pushed me to read more. I would
Like to thank the publishers and authors that have let me read and review their books. I have read so many different books and I will be honest and say that I have enjoyed every single one. I have been lucky that so far I haven’t had to write a difficult review.

I think the books that have stuck out for me so far this year include Zenith Hotel, The Summer at the Lake and The Dead Wife’s Handbook.

I have also had the pleasure of being part of some blog tours. 3 months ago I didn’t even know what a blog tour was.

After such a strong start to my first 3 months I have no option but to carry on. I think my idea of making more time for me was a pretty good one. Go ahead steal my idea. You won’t regret it.

Kindle vs. Book debate

I was talking with some friends recently and we entered into a the debate of kindle vs. books.
The great debate of the reader’s world!!
I was determined not to buy a kindle. I’m an old fashioned girl who loves to smell a new book. The feel of picking a new book from a shelf in a book shop was a joy for me as a child. I was the kid who read 3 books at the same time. Hiding under the duvet with a torch. Also as I have grown up my book shelf is full of memories, from Famous Five to Marian Keynes to my Law text books from university. The book shelf is like a painting on the wall in your house. It’s shows what you love to enjoy.
Then I started going to a book club and I was shown a kindle. I first said no I didn’t want one, but after a quick demonstration I was hooked. That Christmas my lovely husband bought me my kindle (and promptly said about 2 weeks later he wished he hadn’t!) and I was addicted!
But recently it was made me think. Have I contributed to the small book shops closing down in favour of downloading e books? I would love to open a book shop but with the ease of downloading a book from your tablet on the sofa with a cup of tea, it just doesn’t make economical sense these days. It is such a shame. Then there are the libraries! One of my best friends is a very talented librarian and will the day come when we don’t need libraries anymore due to e books? The government is already cutting funds to such a great service, will the future of e books take away our libraries? It’s worrying for local services and jobs.
It’s a great debate. Do we look to the future with e books, or try to hold onto tradition with a good paperback?
What do you think?

The Bookstore – Deborah Meyler

The Bookstore

Deborah Meyler

Gallery Books. Published August 2013.

An adorable, romantic story of a young woman’s life takes her by surprise. As a result she ends up working in a bookstore which changes her life completely. The Bookstore is a well written and witty story. With added romance and sadness offering the reader the mixed emotions of Esme, an English girl studying in New York. The strength of Esme’s character shines through making the reader understand her every thought and feeling, either with wit or tenderness. It is a softly written book making it an easy read that I would definitely recommend.

Many thanks to Gallery Books for allowing me to review this book.


Holiday readings

Hi everyone,
I’m (finally) back from my summer holiday! I managed to read two and a half books during my week in sunny Mallorca. They were not my usual holiday reads so I am excited to share my reviews with you!
Once I have completed the reviews I shall post them on my blog for you all to see!
Bye for now
P.s my husband “who doesn’t do books” actually read a book whilst we were away! What have I done to him!!!

Summer reads

Well summer is definitely here! I have one week left until I go on holiday! I cannot wait to get on the plane!
I have downloaded a few books ready to read by the pool. A kindle is much better to take on holiday. Less weight to carry in the suitcase, allowing for more shoes.
Fingers crossed more books reviews shall be posted on the blog very soon.

Hope you are having a great summer.


Wanted – books to review

If you would like me to review a book please do let me know! I want to review all different genres of books. I’m still learning what I like to read.
The book club I have been going to over the past 3 years has opened my eyes away from the usual “chic lit” I would normally pick up to read.
If you have a book that you would like me to review please email me: