The Prodigal Son – Anna Belfrage

The Prodigal Son

Anna Belfrage

Published by Matador
The Prodigal Son is a great story even if you haven’t read the first two books in the series. I thought starting a story in the middle of a series would be difficult to follow, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The story continues to follow time traveller Alex but does not back track enough to occupy the book and distract the reader. Now based in the seventeenth century, her marriage to Matthew is complicated but not enough to make the story farfetched and unbelievable. The author deliberately introduces each character carefully without too much detail that it would not put off a reader who has enjoyed the previous books, but also allows the first time reader to understand the past. The storyline does refer to a situation which you would find in the present day which is what made me want to know more.
The characters were very well written and the story was fast paced, making it a quick easy read. The historical nature of the book will attract those who like a historical novel but will not deter those who do not want a “fact packed” novel. Congratulations to Anna on a great read!

Many thanks to Matador Publishing for allowing me to review this book.