An Englishwoman In New York – Anne Marie Casey

an english woman


An Englishwoman In New York

Anne – Marie Casey

Anne – Marie’s debut book An Englishwoman in New York is a fast paced tale combining 4 women and how their lives intertwine.

The story begins with Lucy, who was forced to move to New York from London. No friends and homesick, a tragedy forces Lucy to re-evaluate her life. Whilst Lucy is the main character to the book, the author cleverly introduces 3 other characters, all very different to the mix. This is done effortlessly. Making it easy for the reader to understand the 4 distinctive characters, yet continues the storyline nicely. Christy, starts to question her life ( and marriage to a very wealthy man!). Julia, a “work -a-holic” meets her next door neighbour’s dog and her life changes. Then there is Robyn who thinks life is passing her by and wants what everyone else has and goes about it in the wrong way!

The book is enjoyable and easy to read. Definitely for those who are “Chic Lit” lovers. Someone looking for a complicated plot may want to stay away. The story doesn’t need much imagination thanks to popular American TV shows, plus there might be a bit of jealously thanks to the Nannies and houses in the Hamptons. But don’t let this take you away from the book as it was well written for a debut novel.

For me, the books was good, and I would recommend it to lover “Chic Lit” readers.

Thank you to #weekendreads for sending me this book to review